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Sunday , 23 November 2014
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Difference between OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Difference between OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite

What is difference between OSI Reference Model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Ans: We have already discussed about OSI Reference model and TCP/IP Protocol Suite separately. In this article we will see a table of differences between these two layer architecture. Have a look for OSI vs TCP/IP table.

OSI Reference Model actually describes the function of each layer and TCP/IP defines the protocol.

There are some key differences between these two architecture :

OSI Reference Model

TCP/IP Protocol Suite

Seven Layer

Four Layer
It distinguishes between service interface and protocol It does not clearly define between service, interface and protocol.
firstly description the model and protocol came next Protocol came first and description of model later.
supports connectionless and connection oriented communication in network layer and only connection oriented communication in transport layer

TCP/IP has only connectionless communication in network layer and transport layer provides both connectionless and connection oriented communication.

 I hope you got difference between these two architecture. Thank You :)

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